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Honestly, I probably shouldn’t be writing this blog post right now because I am super fired up. I just finished watching Netflix’s 7 part documentary The Keepers and I have some serious feelings about all the things. First of all, I am so glad for the advances in science and technology that make forensic evidence a thing. Second, I am lowkey furious with the Archdiocese in Baltimore. Why, you ask? Well buckle up, buttercup.

So The Keepers starts off with an investigation into the murder of a nun named Cathy Cesnik. On the surface, The Keepers looks like it’s angling to be another whodunit type of documentary. I was totally chill with that, because I’m a sucker for true crime dramas of any and all quality and content. What I got, instead, was a Spotlight-style investigation into government corruption in Baltimore and sexual abuse cover-ups by the Catholic Church. While it isn’t what I thought I was going to get, I ended up pretty dang fascinated.

The Keepers ends every episode with some big revelation or cliffhanger, so it’s total binge-bait. Things start off a little slow, in my opinion, but the last 2 or 3 episodes are a pretty steady stream of game changing information. I like the way that The Keepers respects the audience’s ability to follow along without loosing the plot. The last few episodes were particularly rewarding in that aspect. I’m not necessarily against having things spoon fed or spelled out, but I think many of us would agree that it’s infinitely more fun when you feel like you’re the one “solving the mystery” or making some kind of big connection. It’s engaging and invites a deeper investment of attention. I dig it.

Unsurprisingly, The Keepers is up for an Emmy this year. You’ve got about 2 weeks to get caught up and see what all the hype is about before the awards show airs. The other nominees are solid, but I’m pretty smitten with this true-crime gem. If you can’t find time prior to the Emmys then I still think you should add it to your queue. Be warned though: it’s probably going to make you have some feelings about some things.