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So we’ve been sitting quietly on a big project for a hot minute here. As those of you familiar with film know, some projects are kind of like fight club. The news is out though, so we can all finally stop being awkward and oddly evasive when people ask us what we’ve been working on.

Some quick history for the uninitiated: Moonbot is kind of the pride and joy of the SBC. They’re an Oscar winning multi-platform studio that’s been putting out amazing work since 2009. We’ve worked with them in the past on a project for Gatorade called The Boy Who Learned to Fly (which you can watch here: To call it a great experience would be a severe understatement. So, naturally, when Moonbot asked us to work on the BTS and post-production for their new short film Escape we were over the moon.

Escape is a collaboration between Moonbot Studios and Dolby Laboratories and uses Dolby’s new Dolby Vision technology. This science fiction film uses a combination of real-world models and computer-generated animation to create visually rich imagery. If you’ve read any of the previous blog posts, you’ll know that I, personally, love a film that can tell a story sans dialogue. Escape does that (quite handily, I might add) by using visual effects, facial expressions, and music. They brought in the incredibly talented Imogen Heap, and the marriage of her music and Moonbot/Dolby’s visuals is a match made in studio heaven.

To keep things running smoothly, Clint McCommon set up a temporary office at Moonbot. This allowed him to churn out the BTS edits quickly and facilitated easy collaboration with the rest of the team. Since this project had major players both in and out of the country, being on-site helped streamline things for post-production as well. Which, while we’re on the subject, major kudos go to Sara Hebert, the producer. She coordinated all the key players, guided the production to completion, and helped us get footage from London and San Francisco, all while working on the Escape short film and doing other vital PR work at Moonbot. She was basically superwoman, and we will be singing her praises for the next decade (at least).

All in all, it was great working with Moonbot and Dolby as this short film developed. It’s easily one of the most rewarding experiences in recent memory, and we can’t wait for the next project (whatever it may be). Good things are still being made in the SBC. Skeptical? Check out our BTS footage for yourself: