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Y’all, I have been waiting for DC to give me a movie that didn’t suck for so long I almost don’t know what to do with myself now that they’ve delivered. I spent the last few weeks leading up to Wonder Woman’s release mentally prepping myself for disappointment while hoping against hope that DC would, just this once, let the fans have something. I was doubly nervous because, thus far, all efforts to give a female superhero a movie by both Marvel and DC have been rough (I’m looking at you, Catwoman and Elektra). To add to that, Wonder Woman also had a female director, so if this had gone badly it would have been a triple whammy to my soul. Obviously, as a DC fan and loose participant in the film industry, I really, realllllllly didn’t want that to happen. As it turns out, I was all in my feelings for no reason.

Full disclosure here: Wonder Woman isn’t a fresh take on an origin story, and it doesn’t bring anything discernibly new to the superhero genre outside of the obvious. You know what though? It doesn’t need to. Wonder Woman is focused on delivering a solid film built on the basics. The plot is straightforward, and (gasp!) everyone has a motivation that makes sense. But wait, there’s more! The film also had a timely and poignant moral component. There’s the obvious “Love conquers all” theme, but there’s also a slightly quieter moment at the end where Diana accepts that people are both good and bad. Some might find the delivery kind of preachy, which is fair, but I, personally, think that this message is what DC has been driving at for a while. Out of all the films they’ve put out in their new cinematic universe thus far, I think Wonder Woman has the best presentation of that element by far.

DC has tried so hard to be dark and edgy that they’ve repeatedly sacrificed logical plot and character building, which has really rained on my parade in the past. In my opinion, DC has some of the richest source material, and aside from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, they’ve largely wasted it. So double kudos to Wonder Woman for getting the most out of such a well-established character. Blessedly, there’s actual comedic relief in the movie, which goes a long way towards making it enjoyable. I really wish they hadn’t put over half of the jokes in the trailers, though. It was still humorous, but those moments were less funny to me than to my mother (she hadn’t seen any trailers, and therefore found the humor exceptionally funny). It seems DC finally realized that when people go to watch a superhero film, they’re expecting at least a few one-liners.

I have plenty of feelings about this film, but the most prominent are definitely relief, closely followed by excitement. This was DC’s last chance to get me in a theatre instead of being banished to Redbox. I am, reluctantly, now excited for the upcoming Justice League film. I’m pretty stoked about the casting, and thanks to DC’s latest offering I’m optimistic about the plot. I’ve got my fingers crossed. Even if that’s a bust though, it’s okay— I’ll always have Wonder Woman.