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So, it’s been a hot minute since the Moonbot/Dolby project. The lack of update might lead you to believe we’ve just been hanging out and having a chill summer. That honestly could not be further from the truth. We are currently waist deep in what we’ve come to affectionately call the “Summer Surge”. It’s the time of year where everything gets crazy, and this year things have been particularly wild (but in a good way). As you might guess, this is great for business. As you might also guess, it’s horrible for sleep schedules. Fairfield Studios has trucked through June with surprising energy (go us!), and now we’re taking a minute to catch a second wind before plowing through July.

Last week Fairfield Studios kicked things off with a light jog when Clint McCommon and John Chambers spent time working at the Renzi Music Video Camp. For those unaware, the Renzi Center offers free academic and arts related after school programs along with camps all throughout the summer. We’ve worked with them in the past for the Music Video Camp, specifically, so when they asked Fairfield back this year we were thrilled. The camp lets participants work with area filmmakers to make a music video for a song from a local band. The videos get a top notch premiere party (last year’s was held at The Robinson Film Center), and the rest of us get to sit back and be impressed. We also jumped on a project with the North Louisiana Economic Partnership (NLEP), who are always a delight.

This week Fairfield upped the pace to a run. Sunday marked day one of production for another ANECA Federal Credit Union Project, then rolled through to Monday with 6 Junior Achievement Laureate Videos plus day 2 of the ANECA project (Clint tells me this took place on a boat, which has left me green eyed with jealousy. I had a stomach bug and spent the day being pitiful and crabby). Tuesday we jumpstarted a combined Children’s Miracle Network/CHRISTUS/WALMART video project (more on that later) along with a video for Shreveport attorney Josh Clayton aaaaannnnnndddd we wrapped up production on the ANECA project. Wednesday had John Chambers working on the documentary for Wiley College Acapella Choir. Meanwhile, Clint McCommon wrapped up the rest of the Junior Achievement videos for the month while Alec McCommon tackled day 2 of the CMN/CHRISTUS/WALMART project, which wrapped on Thursday.

Next week we’ll be moving so fast there’s a small possibility of time travel. Hopefully we won’t change the timeline, but if we do then I sincerely hope BvS is erased from existence, Speed Force willing. But seriously, Clint will be leaving with Mollie Corbett (of the oh so fabulous Mollie Corbett Photography) for a week of work on Outlier. Alec and John will be joining them on the road for the heavier shoot days. They won’t be back in town until that Saturday, spending their 4th of July telling the stories of sexual assault survivors and working to help heal and empower through the Outlier Project (like true Americans).

July holds definite promise for time travel (which is good, because I am so salty about BvS I could season a restaurant’s worth of tortilla chips). We’ll be working with Sara Hebert again (who we freaking love, as mentioned in our Moonbot/Dolby post) for the Bossier Chamber of Commerce. There’ll be more trips for Outlier, more Junior Achievement videos, more CHRISTUS, a Beaux Atkins Music Video Production, along with a torrent of other jobs that are either pending or underway. So, yeah, not a chill summer, but definitely a fun and rewarding one. We like to stay busy, and the mix of projects has us energized. So far, Summer Surge ’17 is a resounding success. If the timeline remains intact, we’ll have to compare it to Summer Surge ’18 next year…


PS: When I say “we” I really mean Clint, John, Alec and co. I just write the blog and shamelessly show up for the fun stuff.