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So earlier this month we got the chance to unveil our latest project and show a little love to one half of the Shreveport-Bossier area that we call home. The project was headed up by the lovely Sara Hebert (who, if you recall, we’ve worked with before) for the Bossier Chamber of Commerce (BCC). We were intrigued by the premise but, full disclosure, we’re pretty much down for any project Sara’s got her hands on.

The video is called Tour de Bossier, and feeds into the BCC’s “Be Bossier” marketing campaign. Hebert came up with the “Hello Pierre” concept, and they (wisely) ran with it. Her husband Chris Jay, who works for the SB Convention and Tourist Bureau, wrote the absolutely genius script. We had an absolute blast working on this project.

Fairfield Studios helped with casting, bringing Luke Sexton in on the project to co-star with Jaya McSharma. The two hit it off, and the instant comedic chemistry energized the whole project, which was a boon since the pace was fast. Sara helped us plan the schedule, and we squeezed 18 locations into 4 days. Before you ask— yes, it was exhausting. Bossier has a lot of history, and we wanted to cover as much as possible while still adhering to the tight deadline. To make that happen, we had three awesome PA’s: Ian Burse, Paul Reiser, and Aaron McCommon.

Clint took the job of running primary camera and sound, graciously allowing John to run camera and, well, everything else. At this point, we’re not sure John would know what to do with himself if he didn’t have a to-do list longer than his arm. Thanks to projects like this one, we won’t have to find out anytime soon!

Adam Danley helped early on with the edit to help establish the tone, and Alec McCommon came in clutch on he graphics. Clint and John had the lions share of the editing hours, and Sara swooped in at the end to fine tune everything and turn out a final product worthy of prime-time viewing.

We were so proud to be part of this project. The entire collaboration was indescribable, and we couldn’t have been happier with everyone involved. The script was perfect, and it established a framework for amazing improvisation by Jaya and Luke that perfectly complemented the scenes. We love having the chance to collaborate with other creators, and its even better when that collaboration lets us tell the story of a city we love.